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What is Simulation?

Businesses across the world use simulation to reduce costs, improve performance, and take the risk out of decision making.

You wouldn't board a plane if the pilot hasn't simulated the landing, so why risk your business by not simulating decisions?

Evidence based decision making

Simulation is a powerful technique that allows you to make confident, risk free decisions because it gives you the evidence to be sure you are making the right choice.

With a business simulation of your process you can:

  • Try changing the process and see what changes make it work better for less cost
  • In a risk-free "simulated" environment try any idea without the cost of trying it in the real process.
  • Gain insights into why your process behaves the way it does
  • Evaluate the cost saving that will come from changing your process
  • Identify unexpected consequences of a planned change (will that lead to bottlenecks elsewhere?)
  • Prove an investment will work before spending any money

SIMUL8 is designed for process analysis in every industry sector including: