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A Recycling Centre - The Impact of Three Household Collection Schemes (v6)
Which is best for business ... Asking the householder to separate their recyclables into separate boxes, placing all recyclables into one bag, or not sorting recyclables from household refuse?

This model allows users to explore the impact of three alternative household collection schemes on a recycling centres performance.
- Black Bag Scheme = No separation of recyclables performed by householder
- Orange Bag Scheme = All recyclables are placed in one bag by the householder
- Green Box Scheme = Households place recyclables in specific boxes and staff separate recyclables on the kerbside

Each of these schemes provides different benefits to the recycling facility and to householders and it is the purpose of this simulation to demonstrate their suitability.

The different schemes influence the desirable staff levels within the centre, the quality of the saleable finished products and the amount of waste materials sent to landfill (contamination). From the recycling centres perspective the aim is to run an efficient process with appropriate staffing levels, reduce landfill costs incurred by contamination, and maximise the profitability by ensuring high quality.

Using this model it is possible for policy makers to determine an appropriate waste collection scheme and may be used by householders to recommend a scheme for their area.

Change the recycling scheme and see the impact on output quality and staffing levels required. Try to match the number of staff available to the workload whilst maximising profit.
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