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Back office
Welcome to S8 back office

There are two different processes which take place within the back office of S8. Firstly the back office receives documents in hard copy format they are either invoices or expenses. Each of the documents are processed manually by an Office Clerk and then uploaded to the S8 servers. Sometimes the Office Clerks need a Back Office Manager to approve the invoice or expense they are processing. When management approval is needed the invoice\expense hard copy is sent to the Managers office where it is processed and then uploaded to the server and converted to a soft copy.

The other process which is involved in the S8 back office is the processing of telephone calls. Currently the Office Clerks process the calls but if a call needs management approval the call is transferred to the Back Office Manager who takes the call within the In-coming calls section of the office.

If the telephone call is not answered within 10 minutes the caller hangs up and the call is classified as an in-complete call.
The number of hard copies of invoices and expenses can vary from week to week this is the same for telephone calls. S8 would like to investigate the processing time of hard copies and telephone calls with when the number per week is high. They are considering two possibilities to improve processing times.
• Increasing the number of Office Clerks and Back Office Managers employed.
• Training the Office Clerks further and giving them the authority to process management required hard copies and telephone calls.
S8 objectives are that they want invoices to be processed and converted to soft copies within 3 days and expenses within 5 days. They also want to be able to answer 90% of phone calls within 10 minutes.
This model allows the user to vary the amount of hard copies and telephone calls within the system, decide how many resources will be employed and the effect of giving more authority to resources. The results this model will provide can consist of:
• Average time in the system for invoices, expenses and telephone calls.
• The percentage of telephone calls answered within 10 minutes.
• The total cost to S8 of employing new members of staff.

By observing these results S8 can decided on the best decision for meeting their objectives.
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